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「Fun Travel In Taipei」Introduction
    Taipei City Department of Transportation provides the search service through the mobile App for Taipei traffic and transit information. Integrate with the built-in Google Map, the Fun Travel In Taipei App provides the convenient way to search the related traveling vehicle information quickly.
Introduction of Functions:
Provides Taipei traffic information such as MRT, High Way Bus, Airports, Taipei River Cruse, Bike, Parking, Taxi with the assistant diagrams。
Provides Taipei Bus information such as the bus real-time dynamic information, bus reminder to get on and get off.
Provides Taipei other traffic information such as the real-time events, video, and parking information.
Provides transit, and intercity information search.
Provides transit planning information search.
「Fun Travel In Taipei」App:
iOS Edition Download URL:Click to Download(iOS)
Android Edition Download URL:Click to Download(Android)
「Traffic Information」Related Web Sites:
Taipei City ATIS Web (http://its.taipei.gov.tw)for traffic information。
Taipei City Department of Transportation 5284 PDA‧Web Site(http://pda.5284.com.tw/)search real-time bus dynamic information
Data Source:Taipei City Department of Transportation